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Chairperson of HEC
Chairperson of HEC


"The Wizardry of Leadership" is available at the following stores

  1. Paramount Books throughout Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad)
  2. Liberty Books, Karachi
  3. Book Ocean, Karachi
  4. Aga Super Store, Karachi
  5. Tariq Book Stall, Karachi
  6. Universal Book Stall, Karachi
  7. Saeed Book Bank, Islamabad
  8. Mr. Books, Islamabad
  9. London Book Co., Islamabad
  10. Books & Books, Rawalpindi
  11. Anas Book Center, Lahore
  12. Iqbal Book Center, Lahore
  13. Variety Book, Lahore
  14. Sohneri Bookland, Sukkur
  15. London Book Company, Peshawar
  16. Caravan Educational, Multan
  17. News Corner, Multan
  18. Modern Books Depot, Sialkot
  19. Sohneri Bookland, Hyderabad

The Book will also be available at http://www.amazon.com soon

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